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Art with Me!

Do you love watercolour but are not sure where and how to even begin? You're overwhelmed from having watched countless tutorials but have always dreamt of painting your art. Creating brings you joy, but it is difficult to find a routine. You also love the idea of turning your artwork in patterns.

What if you could...

  • Unwind and create beautiful paintings in the comfort of your home.
  • Paint on a consistent basis.
  • Learn and hone your painting skills.
  • Find your signature style and create artwork that you love.
  • Turn your watercolour art into designs¬†that¬†you can then use on any surface like fabric.

Monthly Deliverables Include:


New content delivered to your inbox ad-free and social media-free each month

Painting tips, challenges and mini video tutorials

Access to seamless designing tutorials

Tips on creating art for use on surfaces like fabric

Prerecorded lessons and Q&A sessions


This is an idea of what our monthly themes will look like! As you create your own library of art, you will be able to really have fun mixing-and-matching elements from different themes to create a variety of patterns.

 Botanicals I- Peonies
 Mountains & Forest
 Woodland Animals

Holiday Cards
 Botanicals II

Floral Wreath

Weekly spring challenge

Botanical Line Art Series

 & so much more...

Let's Paint Inside!
Let’s slow down, grow and thrive together.
Immerse in beautiful art created by your own hands and see the beauty around you.
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You Do Not Need to be an Artist to Join!

All you need is a little determination and a passion to create! I was not trained in art school. I picked up a paintbrush and learnt this skill through practice. You can do this too! I will share all my years of learning and deliver you the best tips to get you started! Join me as I unveil tools of the trade and trends of the fabric industry. I will teach you how to create artwork that you can be proud of!

Wondering about My Teaching Style?

Here are some testimonials from my Past Workshops:

Stacy W.

The best part of the workshop was how you were encouraging while showing how to paint.

Heather S.

The supply recommendations were very helpful. I tried watercolour before and got frustrated because it didn’t seem to work very well for me - I had cheap paints. I bought the pan of paints you recommended, GAME CHANGER!!

Anne L.

So inspiring! Makes me want to get my brush and paint out!!!!

Carli M.

Seeing how imprecise the strokes are and how quickly the paintings came together took some of the intimidation away.

Fanny L.

Your show and tell of each paint and brush was very informative. Not knowing what to get is the major barrier for me. I am waiting for your continual tutoring on how to transfer your art to fabric. I am interested in learning different medium and how to transfer to fabric. Sewing is fun but I think being able to draw a painting/drawing and transfer to a wearable art is exciting.


Feeling like I could achieve a painting myself!

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Meet your Guide

Sharon is a Malaysian born self-taught artist who has always been drawn to crafts since her childhood. Her love for painting and fabric design blossomed when she started sewing for her children as a hobby in 2015. She quickly became intrigued with the world of textiles and picked up a paintbrush shortly after. She has since made hundreds of successful designs and continues to create for her fabric line at Prairie Love Knits today. Through Painted Oasis, her desire is to share all she would have told her younger self while starting out years ago.